What is it about Teams?

Diese Auszüge stammen aus einem Vortrag, den ich vor Führungskräften eines niederländischen Unternehmens gehalten habe.

Never before in the history of the workplace has the concept of teamwork been more important to the functioning of successful organisations.

You will believe me that this idea that I found in the introduction of a book on High Performing Teams always was true at least for my workplace. I was always a part of various teams and experienced directly how they work. Not all the teams I have played with were really high performing. I also experienced teams that were ineffective and frustrating and consequently produced bad results.

1+1=3  “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts!” (Aristotle)

TEAM = Together everyone achieves more (acronym)

TEAM = Toll, ein Anderer macht’s!

Overview of the 5 Principles (Jenewein/Heidbrink 2008)

First I will give you an overview of the five principles and their relations, then we can describe and discuss each principle in detail and have a look at some best cases from the football world.

Step 1:    Give yourself a clear PURPOSE! 

Why do we exist?

Step 2:    Find the right PEOPLE with consequence!

How do we build the best team?

Step 3:    Put them in the best PLACES!

What is the perfect role for each team member?

Step 4:    Bring the team into PROCESS!

What are the rules of our team and how do we communicate and argue?

Step 5:    Maintain PERFORMANCE!

How can we reach long-term success and grow as a team?

Best Case (Purpose): Germany World Cup 2006

When you start a project or a company, when a group of individuals comes together you need to find answers to the following questions:

  • What is the reason for us to work together in a team?
  • What are our goals? What do we want to reach?
  • What is our task? What is our passion?

It is one first and important characteristic of High Performing or Winning Teams that they have a clear picture about why they exist.

When Jürgen Klinsmann took over the German National Team in 2004, two years before the World Cup 2006 in Germany he announced in the first press conference:

We want to be World Champion in 2006!

Germany, fans and press, were astonished, because at that time (after Euro 2004) Germany just has had some really poor performances and the German team was considered to be more or less average.

Klinsmann had invented a clear picture, a clear goal and he never gave it up afterwards, even in times when the team struggled and lost he defended the goal of winning the cup in Germany.

But what is important, when he started working with his team, he not only used this goal but he additionally built a clear vision and mission around it – and that I think is typical for Winning Teams: Everybody needs to know why the team is there and identify with the vision, mission and goals!


Make German Football “big” again. German fans should be proud of the German team. Every child in Germany should have the “dream” to be part of this team.


We play offensive, modern football, take risks and show passion. We believe in our strength and show self confidence.


We want to win the World Cup in Germany!


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